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The Unique Path in becoming a Swan Priestess

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The Path in becoming a Swan Priestess is different than many Priestess Paths. This path is quieter, more introspective and yet profoundly transformational. It is a path that teaches the gifts of spiritual devotion to the Sacred Feminine that serve in the becoming and tending to our spiritual unfolding of our truest self throughout our lifetime. It is a path that is deeply personal, an opening into the rich treasures that have been buried long ago, a compassionate restoration of their capacity to create wholeness, restoring our ancient gifts.

The Swan Priestess becomes though the same energy that she serves.

Through her healing into wholeness, she has cultivated an ability to hear the sacred magic that moves within in the soft whisper of the loving spirit which surround and speaks to us at all times.

She is attuned to the bountiful energy of the grace that is ever present and abundant in Nature. This tranquil connection is her inner muse, which she uses to create peaceful ceremony, receive healing wisdom, allowing the space for genuine and natural healing to transpire. This tender yet effective capacity to unite with and authentically create from the innate magic of the loving universe, is the thread that connects Swan Priestesses, yet still every Priestess has her own unique ways, gifts, and expression, and she travels her own unique life journey into her becoming.

The Swan Priestess serves from the ability to gracefully connect to her inner wisdom within her spiritual wholeness. This is not a path of doctrines or dogma, but rather, the loving and pure connection to ones deep, liberated inner self, at the seat of her soul. Here, she is connected to all of life and the loving creator as one, and this connection guides her service as a Swan Priestess.

The Swan Priestess is whole in her integration, understanding and appreciation of the innate masculine and feminine, light and shadow, humanity and divinity as one. Thus she has unified her unconscious into consciousness with compassion and wisdom.

The Swan Priestess Path is as unique, individual, and sacred as each Priestess herself. As a mentor of Swan Priestesses, I serve as a loving support to allow for the light of truth to be shone; uncovering the hidden gems and spiritual gifts that one holds naturally.

This is a precious unfolding in her own unique way of sharing the gifts and calling to be a Priestess that was given to her by the creator.

Once these gifts are unwrapped and nurtured, the spiritual gifts of the Priestess is restored into wholeness and she is able to allow for that transformation in others as well, helping deep transformations arise through this gentle, compassionate, yet wise loving space.

The path of the Swan Priestess is one in an inner journey that is humble in nature, yet profoundly healing. The full and awakened Swan Priestess desires to serve and heal in devotion through supporting the restoration of the whole self in others, so that they may move through life in fullness, peacefulness, grace, connection, pleasure and joy. This allows us to enjoy the fullness of life and to be free to share, express, and experience the richness of the joy of being alive.

She understands the wisdom of the magic that is inherent in life that is around us at all times, restoring life to what was lost and gracefully letting go what no longer serves us in an ongoing process of becoming reborn anew.

This is a gentle, yet powerful process where allowing these gifts to be unwrapped, seen and understood allows for us to be in integrity with our spiritual selves and share our loving gifts in service with ourselves and the world. We can compassionately unveil the unconscious and transform ourselves into our ever emerging spiritual essence through the Grace of Becoming one with our inner Swan.


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