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One-on-one Online
Spiritual Mentorship & Coaching

Women & Teens

Swan Priestess

Spiritual Coaching & Mentorship

Do you feel stuck, confused, lost, heavy or frustrated with an aspect of your life that you would like to finally heal and experience greater clarity in how to move forward by transcending stuck blockages?

Would you like to feel more whole, peaceful, connected to your authentic spiritual self, empowered, and aligned with Hope and Grace?

Daniela Elizabeth holds these very gentle, yet powerful healing sessions that are a combination of messages from your Loving Spiritual Guides and an Awakening to your inner knowing to uncover what is holding you back.  These sessions deeply support you in allowing the space of your natural human state of Joyful Peacefulness to blossom and shine.
These sessions are Trauma Informed and held in Deep Compassion.

1.5 hour Online Sessions

$80- $114 Canadian per session (Sliding Scale)

"Working with Daniela is wonderfully soul-satisfying. Each session brought me into greater integrity with myself though layers of archetypes and magic. These aren’t typical mentorship sessions, they’re gateways into transformation, self-acceptance, and always with emphasis on the way of the heart.


Daniela’s approach is unique and personalized rather than a one-size-fits-all formula. While there is structure, it’s a subtle and gentle path that liberates you to be and breathe as the Divine Feminine.


Her guidance is multifaceted and she is a holder of deep, sacred, healing space.


I am incredibly blessed to have found Daniela!"


~Nancy Jackson

Oregon, USA

"Daniela, You truly have the gift to soothe one's heart, to hold space in a way we have not experienced with anyone before. Being in your safe space feels like a warm embrace of an unconditionally loving Mother. 


Your capacity to fully see and feel the other person is incredible. You have a unique gift of opening one's heart.


You are always so trauma sensitive, so respectful and honouring.  Words would never even closely describe what you bring to this world! 

And we are sooo excited for every soul, that will be able to learn from you, be held by you, be part of your sacred, healing space. Because what awaits them is true Magic. It is returning home to who we truly are. 

This and so much more is what we were able to experience in your sacred space."

~Maria & Daria

Dresden, Germany

Swan Priestess

Message from the Angels

Receive Inspirational Guidance from your Loving Angels to help raise your vibration and stay focused on your Healing Path & Journey. 

These Messages support your Spiritual Growth, Transformation & Connection to your inner Guidance.

These Angelic Messages come with channeled Healing Music that is composed just for you. 

Both the music and messages are channeled from your Loving Angels and delivered to you in Mp3 format so you may listen and receive their healing Grace & Wisdom whenever you feel called to or need uplifting Support, Guidance & Connection to the loving Universe which is always there supporting you with loving Grace.  This is a powerfully healing gift that you can cherish throughout your lifetime.

This message can cover various topics which you would like support in transcending and are directed in supporting your individual needs and situation.

$90 Canadian Dollars

In Person
Ceremony for Healing & Celebration

water bowl.jpg

Heart Centered Ceremonies for Healing, Rites of Passage, Grieving & Celebration

Ceremony is intrinsic within our Humanity. It is something that we all share and it is important for our psyche to move forward through every stage and event of our lives with wisdom, grace, closure and an openness to a new beginning.  Ceremony creates structures in consciousness through which healing energy can flow.  Ceremony helps us when patterns in our lives are disrupted to create wholeness for the space of a new way of being, for new life to emerge and new beginnings.  As with all of nature, we are in a continual cycle of releasing the old to make way for the new.  Ceremony helps us honor this, integrate what we have learned and create a healing space for a new awakening.


Daniela Elizabeth creates Ceremonies that are deeply heart centered, individually created to your unique needs, desires and expression while honoring the sacredness of all of life and the love that connects us all.  These Ceremonies are created to honor every participant and leave all with a sense of deeper belonging, clarity, peace and inner joy.  Daniela Elizabeth creates these ceremonies to honor your special moment and unique soul whether it be a union, funeral (human or pet), end-of-life celebration, motherhood blessing, baby naming, coming of age, graduation, or any other important life event that you want to honor or heal. These ceremonies are gentle, unique, deeply healing and held in reverence and devoted to love.

In Person
Women & Girl Circles

Girls 13 - 15 Years of Age

Coming of Age Circles for Girls

Coming of Age is an important Rite of Passage in our culture that is often over-looked and it's wisdom has been forgotten in our patriarchal culture.  This leaves our young women without the profound wisdom that is awaiting to awaken from within, so they may enter into the world with strength, wisdom & purpose.

These circles provide this missing link through a unique and special opportunity for learning the unique gifts of womanhood, deepening the connection to one's healing and the wise inner feminine voice of intuition, while connecting to unknown strengths and wholeness from within.

These circles allow our girls to learn healthy safe boundaries and the importance of self-care, loving pleasure and self-compassion.  They practice clear heartfelt communication so that they may know how to navigate partnership in a healthy way.

These circles are held in a very compassionate, safe container and these topics are explored through discussion, artful ceremony & joyful engagement.  

Please contact Daniela Elizabeth for the next Circle Dates & More detailed Information. 


Sacred Motherhood

Experiencing Motherhood as a Sacred Journey & Rite of Passage allows mothers of children of all ages to lean into Motherhood with greater joy, peace, purpose, support & strength. 

Motherhood is a sacred act and as Mothers, we not only provide the base of our children's lives through sharing the loving gifts of the Divine, but Motherhood itself transforms us deeply.

Allowing oneself to honor Motherhood as a sacred rite of passage, gathering the wisdom of our journey through a deeper connection to our own selves in a loving and supportive circle of women allow ourselves to come to enter into motherhood through grace, wisdom and strength.

Through honoring the strength of the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine that lies within us, we illuminate our inner knowing and our gifts as Mothers to handle all the challenges Motherhood brings.

Our special offering allows Mothers the space they need to feel deeply Nurtured, Held & Supported through deep listening, sharing and supportive activities which nurture the body, mind and spirit.These circles are held in a very compassionate, safe container and these topics are explored through discussion, artful ceremony & joyful engagement.  

Please contact Daniela Elizabeth for the next Circle Dates & More detailed Information. 
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