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The Way of A Swan Priestess

Swan Priestess Training Program

A Devotional Path in Sharing
the Healing gifts of
the Ancient Love Goddess

Enter into the Way of the Swan Priestess

Become Deeply Whole from within &
Help Heal your Community
with the Blessings of this Way of Being

The Ancient Swan Priestesses


This Unique Priestess Program Gifts You

  • A Unique, Heart Centered Healing Modality that powerfully assists You to Restore Wholeness Within For your own life & to Help Restore Wholeness in others.


  • A Sense of Peaceful, Joyfulness & States of Bliss

 that resides from within which you can return to Time & Time Again to help Restore Healing,  Inner Wisdom & Spiritual Balance.

  • An Awakening to or a Deepening of your Intuition &  A Clearer Ability to Connect to Your Loving Spirit Guides & Angels For Healing Wisdom for your Own Life & For Others you are Mentoring

  • A Profound connection to your Inner Divine Feminine & Supportive Inner Masculine to bring Wholeness into your Life & Naturally Help Restore Harmony, Passion & Love in your Relationship with Ease.

  • Knowing how to Embody the Gift as A Deep Space Holder to provide the Profound Healing Capacity for your own Inner Transformations & To Hold Healing Space For the Transformations of Others.

  • Deeply Embodying the Archetype of Priestess  & Performing Sacred Artful Ceremony for Rites of Passage & Healing in many different capacities to Support the Individual & Specific needs of your clients.  As A Swan Priestess you hold the Space to allow others the Opportunity to Connect Deeply with their own Inner Wisdom.

  • Understanding the Lost Gifts of the Ancients Which hold our Natural State of Wholeness  allowing for the transcendence of the healing wisdom in bridging our Humanity & Divinity as one & Assisting In the Transcendence of Pain & Grief into a New Story of Becoming & Illuminating Into your Inner Swan.


In our ancient past, Swan Priestesses were also revered as 'Ladies of the Lake' and Water Priestesses.  They fully embodied their sacred feminine nature and it was through the fullness of this wisdom that they could connect, heal and transform their own lives and that of others.

Ladies of the Lake are also seen throughout all traditions.  The oldest goddess of India, Saraswati (also known as the Mother of God) is named 'She who Flows.'  She is considered the Queen of the Mermaids and is also a Lady of the Lake & Swan Priestess. In Indian lore the Sacred Swan is named Hamsa, which is regarded as the highest form of 'feminine enlightenment' and the primordial merging with love, as light and dark together as one.


The Swan Priestesses knew that their bodies were one with the Divine.  They married the Masculine and Feminine as one and held space for the illusion of separation to be healed into wholeness within. 


Swans are of both the air and water elements.  They can be both black and white and represent the importance of the connection of the gifts of both the heavens and earth to transform and resurrect us into the natural wholeness, peace, passion and compassion that is inherent within all of us.

Swans also represented Otherworldly journeys and hold gifts of this wisdom.  They are seen as the bridge between our humanity and divinity as one. In Celtic traditions, the Swan is connected with music, love, artful healing, purity and the soul and artful healing was embodied by Swan Priestesses.

Love Goddesses, such as Goddess Aphrodite in ancient Greece and Goddess Aine, in ancient Ireland are deeply associated with Swans. The Fairy Love Goddess, Aine could shape shift into a Swan and Swans have been associated with the magical realm of fairies. 

Symbolic as the migration of the soul, Swans were considered conductors of souls at birth and death. Represented in the constellation of Cygnus, the Swan was revered by the ancients as the gateway of the soul into the afterlife. As death is not an end point, but a point of transformation, Swan Priestesses, helped others birth back into one-ness, back into the great cosmic womb.

In loving role as a light holder, Swan Priestesses created sacred ceremony for the celebrations that the transitions of life brings. Rites of passage hold immense importance for the human soul and Swan Priestesses, ripe in the reverence of life’s transitions created rich, meaningful and healing ceremonies, rites of passage, and celebrations for
her community.

Other well known Swan Priestesses were the Priestesses of Isis.  These Priestesses had sacred temples in Egypt. Isis and her Swan Priestesses had magical “angelic” swan wings that represented the resurrection through a decent into darkness. Being able to use wings to soar above and see the bigger picture, represented the ability to transform and resurrect through making the darkness light, transcending human consciousness into love through the body and heart.

Annita, Germany

"This experience of becoming a Swan Priestess &  the time we shared together during the mentorship has been

So magical &

One of the best experiences of my life!"

As Swan Priestess,

You are invited to become a Priestess through your own Transformational Journey

Through Supportive One-on-One Mentorship & Material

Alike the story of ‘The Ugly Duckling,’ you are not ‘ordained’ by another, but rather come into the beauty of your true nature through

Your own deep Transformation and Awakening to your

Innate Inner Wisdom

By the Virtue


Discovering the Gems of the

Eternal Sacred Feminine through the Sacred Heart & Awakened BodyBy Integrating the Wisdom of


The 7 Sacred Gateways of the

Ancient Love Goddess

Slavic woman nymph stands in water herbal wreath floa candles burning. Fantasy girl mermai

The Swan Priestess inspires and mentors others to find their own inner spiritual teacher, the sense of wisdom and intuition within their own body, heart and soul connection to heal & become whole again. 


The Way of a Swan Priestess assists others in healing pain, trauma & blockages through Gentle yet transformative Spiritual Mentorship, Healing Artful Ceremony & Supportive Compassionate Guidance. 

Having experienced this transformation through the Swan Priestess Program, you  hold the space for the same natural unfolding, supporting others into allowing the own inner Wholeness & Peaceful and Loving beings we Innately Are.

Swan   Priestess


We are All One &
One with Nature

We are inherently interconnected in Nature, to one another, and to All of Life

Connecting to nature allows us the wisdom of our innate wholeness within.  It is a memory of our the ancient past mysteries and one of our most precious connections to the Divine.

We visit the wisdom of this aspect through the Archetype of the Sacred Wild Woman

Compassion &
Devotion to Love Heals

Connecting to this center allows us to find wholeness within and allows us to embrace and heal all that we are on a profound level.

Self-Love & Care is at the core of our Well Being.  As love is at the core of the Creator, we find our greatest strength in connecting to this great love from within.

We integrate this wisdom through the Archetypes of the Divine Virgin & Mother

Joyful Inner Peace Is our Natural Human State

Joy and Peace are our Birthright as humans and the state that we are born in and return to.  Through this program, you are taught how to return to this healing state of joyful peace that originates from within.

As the ancients knew, loving pleasure is our birthright and our connection to source and deep healing.  We connect to this wisdom through the Archetypes of the Sacred Nymphs & Ladies of the Lake

Sovereign & Sacred Heart As Guide

The Way of the Swan Priestess is not a following of a prescribed religious or spiritual group or dogma.

Instead, it is a an openness to a rich mystical meaning of life reflected within nature, an embodied compassion to the human condition, and a connection and devotion to
the love that is inherent within all of us.  It is an honoring that all of life is sacred, as are we.  It is an honoring of deep self worth and loving safe boundaries.


Through this program, you will
be able to guide and create your own expression of a Swan
Priestess that you feel called to through following the opening within the 7 Archetypes and your inner guide following what feels

right within your own body and heart wisdom.  We deepen the connection to this wisdom through the Archetype of the Divine Queen.

We are Natural Artist Healers

As we are all connected to the Divine, we are inherently creative beings.  In every moment of our lives, we are invited to create through that which life has given us.

Through each and every decent into darkness, we can restore our lives through the light and become embodied love through transcending through sacred, artful ceremony.

As human beings, we are all natural artists.  Returning to the purest state of artist as healer, we remember that it is not the product, but the healing expressive process of our art that is the most sacred gift.

We integrate this wisdom through the Archetype of the Sacred Muse.

We are Naturally Whole

As we heal our traumas and negative beliefs which hold us back from our most embodied state of love, we move forward into an enlightened state of wholeness from within


As we create the new stories of our life through the wisdom of our hearts and bodies, we heal on a profound level and we can serve others with openness, mentorship and grace.

It is here, from this state of wholeness that we can provide a sacred service as Priestess to our community, inviting them back into their innate wholeness from within. Through awakening the Wholeness that we naturally are, we can connect to deep inner wisdom and create healing ceremony, support and experiences for those in need.

We integrate this Wisdom through the Archetype of the Swan Priestess

Core Concepts

This 4- Month Training Course Consists
One-on-One Training
to Lovingly Support you thr
ough this

Transformational Journey of Becoming

Included in This Course


One-on-One Guidance with
Daniela Elizabeth

Daniela lovingly guides you each step of the way, with weekly Heart-Mentorship Coaching during the entire 4 months to fully support you in this process & assist your unfolding in your uniquely sacred path of the Swan Priestess & Sacred Feminine Coach/Mentor.

This written material provides the framework for the entire course which you will receive in parts weekly, through each Archetypal Gateway.  You may keep it for a lifetime as a reference and guide.

Audio meditations & Audio book provided to assist you in learning this material in the most comfortable way possible & fit different learning needs.

 Written & Audio Course Material


Personal Portfolio to Document your Journey

Your individual journey & path into this sacred way of being is honored and captivated within your personal portfolio which you can use to reference for support throughout your devotional path whenever you desire.

Your unique gifts & process is honoured and celebrated within your portfolio.

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The Way of
A Swan Priestess

300 Page E-Book
Audio Meditations &
Supportive Material

Are Included in this Unique, One-on-One Supportive Course

Susan, California, USA

"Your supportive materials, gentle meditations, and especially your book "The Way of A Swan Priestess" have been truly life changing for me.  Thank you for this work of art and guide.  It is so full of loving, peaceful and transformational wisdom that I will read and listen to it over and over again.  It feels so loving and supportive. It has been profoundly helpful on this journey of becoming.  Each time I read it, I get a deeper understanding and embodiment of my inner Swan Priestess and I feel that I will read it for years to come as I help to assist others into their inner wisdom and innate wholeness within."

The Swan Priestess is an Invitation  & Calling Grounded in the Sacred Feminine

Therefore this Program is Unhurried & Respects your individual Journey & Human Needs

You pay weekly on a sliding scale that fits right for you as you tune into what your individual needs are to Heal Into Wholeness & Become
A Swan Priestess

The Way of the Swan Priestess

Swan Priestess Training Program

A Devotional Path in Sharing
the Healing gifts of
the Ancient Love Goddess

Enter into the Way of the Swan Priestess &
Help Heal your Community
with the Blessings of this Way of Being

Slavic woman holds herbal wreath in hands puts on water, candles float. Fantasy girl nymph

Contact Daniela Elizabeth

For a Free Discovery Call to inquire into this Unique & Individualized Priestess Program

If you feel called to Serve
your Community in the Sacred calling

Swan Priestess

I look forward to Getting Back to You Beloved Sister

Daniela Elizabeth

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