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Discovering the Hidden Key & Enchanted Doorway into a Magical Life

Updated: Jan 18

Either consciously or unconsciously, we are all striving to return to our natural state of blissful enchantment in our every day lives. We all want to feel a sense of wonder, awe, aliveness, a feeling of oneness and a loving spiritual connection with all of life. We long to feel fully alive with the pureness of the simple joy and heart of the child we once were. Before the responsibilities and disappointments of our past and the superficiality of our modern lives weighed us down, we were once fully capable of sensing and celebrating the natural enchantment we were born to know, feel and see.

We sometimes get a glimpse back into this precious magic at various times in our adult lives, such as when we fall in love for the first time. Although, this feeling lasts as a fleeting moment, flying away as quickly and unexpectedly as it comes. Others search endlessly for that magical feeling for their entire lives while some believe that this deeply enchanting and blissful state is as lost and inaccessible as the Garden of Eden. Yet we continue to consciously or unconsciously yearn for this state of deep spiritual joy and connection throughout our entire lives.

If we suppose that we can only reach this state of deep satisfaction, spiritual wholeness and joy through material possessions, relationships or achievement, we end up misdirected, discovering only false gold. Alike most people in our culture, many people devote their lives to making more money, trying to find the ‘perfect’ lover, striving to become the most beautiful, successful, ‘faultless’ self or determined to achieve the highest position of power. Yet sadly, there is no real treasure or lasting fulfillment found there. As soon as it is over we will begin searching for more. The real treasure is found in our dreams, in the murmur on the waves, within the pattern of the damp, fallen leaves. It is in the high sounds of angelic music up within the stars. It is already here, waiting to be seen and embraced yet again.

This is the beautiful truth- that we are already sitting in this enchanting garden with more joy, peace, healing and fulfillment at our fingertips than we could ever imagine. It is only our critical minds and fearful hearts which have built the illusion that we are kept out by stone walls and must first deserve or achieve to enter into its healing grace. Thankfully, the hidden doorway to this precious world lies still within your very being at the seat of our ancient gifts that we are all innately born with. We must just simply remember how to see, touch, and feel it again. We let it flow through us when we open ourselves to it.

It is my life purpose and honor to help restore this precious place of joyful peacefulness that resides within you and it brings me profound joy to hold space for that process of discovering this hidden door within. This is one of the greatest gifts of a Swan Priestess that I adore sharing and cultivating with those who feel the ancient call inviting them to return home to magic, wholeness and spiritual fulfillment once again.

It can take some time for this tender space to trust in opening again and for that I would be honored

to be of service to gently assist you in restoring this gift to see and feel yet again.

Some of you have already been open and able to see magic for years, but long to go deeper, to allow it to be present throughout your days. For others, you are at the brink of opening the doorway and only need a tender nudge to restore and feel this beloved magical garden within.

For those that need only a gentle encouragement for deeper cultivation, I leave you with 5 very simple yet powerful ways to deepen in trust to fully opening the inner doorway of precious Magic, blessing your life with its Grace. These are extremely simple steps, yet the more you practice them, the deeper this will take you.

1. Create a space of trust and simplicity. The slower, calmer and gentler you allow your awareness to be, the more easily you can reconnect to the magic all around you. Simply focusing on your breath and tenderly asking yourself how you are feeling in your body and heart in this moment, while listening with openness and loving attention can help you get into the altered state that allows our magical eyes and ears to gently open. Notice where you are holding tension and breath into this with loving compassion and attention without judgement, just tenderness. As you relax your body open through this attention and breath, you become more open to see, hear and notice the signs and magic that is all around you. Doing this throughout your day, as often as you remember, powerfully changes your frequency and allows you to be open to more and more magical experiences.

2. Accept the grace of the Divine Mother that resides eternally within you. Speaking only loving words of encouragement while practicing unwavering self-kindness is one of the most powerful doorways. When we are tenderly loving to ourselves, we enter into the realm and frequency of the heart. This loving grace, along with a relaxed body is scientifically proven to alter our brain. It is here in this state that we can begin to see magic and enchantment once again. The more we practice this, the more peaceful and joyful we will become, allowing magic to flow effortlessly through us.

3. Trust and surrender into the great mystery of Life. Know that somehow everything is here to serve you and that you are one with this mysteriously loving support that cares for you profoundly. When my 2-day-old son tragically passed and my ex-husband left me soon after, I stayed open in trust knowing that our times are written before we are born. I stayed open to hearing the wisdom of the stars while I surrendered my broken heart to the loving grace of deep trust. I heard the ancient stars whisper to me that my son is well and that all is as it was supposed to be. They assured me that I would embark on a journey of enlightenment and eventually discover a true love. I kept my heart open in trust and followed the signs that blossomed upon my path even when I had no idea where this was leading me or why this was happening to me. Unknown to me at the time, this journey opened me profoundly into my spiritual awakening and allowed me to become a Swan Priestess. This was so much greater than I had ever imagined it to be. My mystical unfolding helped me heal painful trauma from my childhood and helped me awaken into the blissful state of enchantment that I share with others as a Swan Priestesses. Four years later, upon the night I met my now husband, a beautiful meteorite flew across my path in the night sky illuminating the entire celestial sky with a golden turquoise light. This was a magical sign that I had met my beloved and that I was on the right path. My son left me messages continually throughout my grieving time, and still even 10 years later, letting me know he is well and that we are always connected as love never dies. Nature continually puts magical experiences in my awareness and I have countless enchanting stories of the magic that I experience in my every day life that makes me feel so alive and supported through all of life.

4. Ask and it is given. Then listen in trust. We can so easily forget that the creator's profound love for us includes free will. For when we truly love another, we let them be free. Therefore, we must remember to ask. Our angelic guides are there for us and want to support us, but we must always ask them for their support and guidance and then listen to their wisdom. In trust, we can let go and await with a quiet mind and gentle heart to receive their sacred guidance. In prayer, we ask and in meditation, we listen. So lovingly allow yourself the state of peace to be able to listen to the Grace that awaits you.

5. Express and feel Gratitude & Wonder. When we notice the magic around us, and we listen to the wisdom and healing it brings, and the more we allow ourselves to feel gratitude in this gift, the easier magic will flow. Letting gratitude fill your heart with great joy is a very important part in living a magical life. Allow yourself to feel total wonder and amazement in the gift you have received, even if the gift is incredibly small. Magical signs are mostly small and slight, just like the small quiet voice within. Sometimes they are big, bright and flashy, but in my experience that usually just happens a few moments in a lifetime. So be grateful for the smallest of things as this is magic itself and has great power. No matter how many magical things happen in my life daily, I am always in awe and immense gratitude, even for the simplest of things. This keeps the magic flowing because this is the precious, humble, and innocently joyful state of feeling blessed that allows more and more magic to flow to and through us.

May you rediscover the preciously magical being that you truly are, dear one. May the awareness of the loving magic of life surround you always. May you always feel how cradled and adored you are by the loving Universe. May you feel and be eternally blessed.

With love and Blessings,

Daniela Elizabeth


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