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Swan Priestess

Embody the Way of the
Swan Priestess

& Deeply Transform the Lives of Others

The way of a Swan Priestess is an Awakening into the Natural Gifts of Healing & Wholeness that resides within you




It is A Devotion to Divine Love & Sharing

Healing gifts Inspired


The wisdom of the  Ancient

Love Goddess &

Divine Mother


that is True

to the Spirit of Humanity we all share

Swan Priestess Awakening

This Unique Priestess Program offers 

you a Structured &  Supportive Path to

Come into your

Own Devotional Practice to the Divine 

Become a Swan Priestess

Through This Gentle, Supportive yet Powerful

One-on-One Training Program

Journey into Devotional Love & Profound Healing

Through the Ancient Wisdom & Inherently

Sacred Gifts that Lie Within You

Core Concepts

The Way of A Swan Priestess


Is an opening into your most Authentic Self, bridging and healing your Humanity & Divinity as One


The Swan Priestess is not dogmatic, nor is she

prescribed to a religious or spiritual group


Rather, she is a Naturally Loving & Peaceful state of being that is Inherent in the Human Condition, Sacred & deeply healing to your own self

& To others


A Swan Priestess is a Holder of Deep Transformation


Through Her Gift of 

Holding Sacred Space in

Supportive Spiritual Mentorship &

Guiding Ceremony for 

Rites of Passage


This is a Sacred Feminine path of

Enlightenment & Love

 & an Embodiment of the Eternal Sacred Feminine essence that Resides

Within You

This Precious way of being is both

Mystical & Grounded,

Ancient & New


This program is grounded in

Developmental & Psychoanalytic Psychology,

Anthropology & Biology,

Artful Healing & Integrated


Ancient Feminine Mysteries

It is rich with

Sacred Feminine Archetypal

wisdom that humanity shares and continues to visit time and time again.

As a     

Swan   Priestess

Swan Priestess Mentorship

You are awakened to the full spectrum of the Loving Gifts of the Sacred Feminine through
the integration

7 Sacred Archetypes


This wisdom is a Sacred way of being that is inherent within all of us.

It resides within the Sacred Heart and a deep, loving connection to the body.


From this place of embodied wisdom and wholeness, you can serve others in loving Mentorship, in Healing, Spiritual Guidance,

Artful Ceremony &

in Compassionate, Open
Support so they may return to their natural state of wholeness within.


As a

Swan   Priestess

You may feel called to Serve in various forms.

This Uniquely tailored program prepares you for  your Heart's Calling in

How you want to Serve as a Priestess

You May Feel Called to Be in Service as

  • A support in Deeply Healing Spiritual Guidance through Sacred Feminine Mentorship


  • A Mentor in transforming Pain & Grief into Healing & Wisdom

  • A powerful aide in transcending Trauma into our natural state of Peaceful Joyfulness

  • A holder of Ceremonies for Rites of Passage & Celebrations of the transitions of life for your Community

  •  A Server as an End-of-Life Doula, holding loving space, compassion, deep listening and support for the dying and for the bereavement process of their family and loved ones.

  • A creator and holder of supportive, compassionate Girl Circles for healing, deep support, spiritual & emotional development in the Wisdom of Coming of Age.

  • A Creator and holder of compassionate and transformative Woman and Motherhood Circles for the healing, deep support, and spiritual development of all stages of women's lives through Sacred Feminine Wisdom.
  • A Holder of Sacred Ceremonies for healing of ourselves, others and our Planet.

  • A Guide to others into Sacred Passionate Partnership by sharing the lost wisdom of the Ancient Love Goddess & Sacred Feminine Wisdom

  • A Mentor in supporting others in Healing through the Arts
Swan Maidens

Are you a Swan Priestess?

A Swan Priestess is a Calling that one Knows & Feels from Within,

an openness to a rich mystical embodiment of life reflected within nature,

a Compassionate & Deep Understanding of the Human Condition,

a Connection & Devotion to the Divine Love that is eternally Healing &

a full Embodiment of the Sacred Feminine that is Inherent within us All.

A Swan Priestess Helps Others to Come into the Fullness, Strength & Wisdom  of their

Inner Divine Light to

Transcend through this Loving Wisdom through 

Every Stage of Life

Swan   Priestess

Healing Mentorship &
Training Programs

Swan   Priestess
Heart Centered
Mentorship & Healing Ceremony Offerings

Swan Love Magic
Swan Priestess Training

Swan  Priestess  One-on-One
Training Program

Guide, Teacher & Mentor

Swan   Priestess

Daniela Elizabeth

Goddess on Swan_edited.jpg
Swan Priestess Wisdom

Daniela Elizabeth is a Swan Priestess and an Intuitive Healer that embodies the restorative love and healing of the Sacred Feminine.  Being a highly Sensitive, Spiritual and Mystical person since childhood and having studied Developmental Psychology, Coaching & Various Healing Modalities, Daniela Elizabeth has the unique gifts of both a Grounded and Mystical approach to her deeply healing, transpirational, and Trauma Informed Priestess Program. Daniela has a BA in Developmental Psychology, is a trained Healing through the Arts facilitator, is a certified Life Coach, a trained facilitator of Coming of Age Circles for girls, and a trauma care specialist.  She has been working in education for over 20 years.
Through a total surrender to spirit after the tragic death of her infant son and the soon after betrayal of her then husband, Daniela's decent into the underworld of grief broke her Heart & Body open into a deep Spiritual Metamorphosis which allowed her to discover the Wisdom of the Sacred Heart & Body through the Ancient Love Goddess and become a Swan Priestess.  This way of being restored her to wholeness and profound healing from within. 
Devoted to Love, Spirit and grace, Daniela came across various philosophies, analytical psychology and spiritual texts of the Divine Feminine. Through this, she tied  together the eloquent secrets of the inherently healing, wise, whole, peaceful, loving expressions of the Goddesses we are all born to be.  Interwoven with the ancient way of the Sacred Feminine, Developmental Psychology, Trauma care, Life Coaching, Healing Arts Modalities & her Inner Spiritual connection, Daniela Elizabeth has created a method which she uses and teaches others in a path to becoming a Swan Priestess. This way of A Swan Priestess has proven to be a highly effective and healing to women, restoring our inner world, lives and relationships into wholeness, joy and peace.

You can read her whole story and awakening in her book that she gifts to each client,

'The Way of A Swan Priestess.' 

Daniela is most known and appreciated for her soft, loving, compassionate heart, her intuitive healing and connection to spirit, and her Understanding of the Ancient Love Goddess's Sacred Wisdom (shared within her book) which is deeply healing and transformational to Women.  She is so happy to share this way of being with the Women who feel called into this sacred devotional work.


In Loving

Maria & Daria (Twin Sisters), Dresden Germany

"Thank you so much for having been the most loving guide one could possibly wish for! Having met you was one of the greatest blessings we had in our lives. Your loving, comforting, gentle, compassionate presence has made every session we had with you the most magical experience we could ever have imagined! 

You have inspired us to really step into our own purpose as Priestesses and as an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine. Before coming to you we already were on our healing journeys, but meeting you has given us the confidence to actually fully follow our soul's calling as priestesses, as messengers of the Great Mother.


You are a true embodiment of the loving Divine Mother.  You are such an incredible space holder, such a good listener, such a warm hearted, gentle soul. 

Everything that you say, everything that you create brings Magic, safety, a sense of deep peace and healing. Because your presence radiates so much healing energy, so much light.

You are so healing just by being you and that really is so incredibly potent! You are a true inspiration and embodiment of the Goddess on Earth that brings love, healing peace & grounding to everyone around you. 


You are like a fairy that lights up the room by your sweet presence as you light up the heart and speak to the inner child. You are the most loving soul we have ever met!

Your connection to nature, to the Earth, to the Great Mother is so raw, so pure, so honest.

Thank you for being you and for having been part of our journey.

You have given us so much more than you could ever possibly imagine!"

Swan Wisdom and Love

Johanna, Berlin, Germany

"This peaceful Journey into the Swan Priestess has helped to heal me on a deep level and opened me up to so much healing wisdom from within.  The loving wisdom of your work and book is completely priceless.  Your program and loving presence has given me the confidence to work as a Priestess in a truly healing way that is unique to my soul.   I will be forever grateful to your mentorship dear Daniela! I thank you from my heart!" 
Temple Maidens

Jen May, London, UK

"Daniela's mentorship and program has been such a divine blessing in my life.  I feel very privileged to have experienced her teachings and mentorship one-to-one.  I believe Daniela has a rare gift and that she truly makes the world a better place.  I will be eternally grateful for this program, for Daniela's support and loving kindness.  I feel very blessed to have met her as a teacher and mentor"

Nevine, Montreal

"Thank you so much for a truly beautiful and healing session last night.  You have a gift and the program you offer is here to bless the world in incredible ways

Barbara, Montreal Quebec

"I had the blessing of having a session with this beautiful light today- words can not even describe what a wonderful experience.  Thank you for your beautiful light, kindness and energy.  What you share is a truth that women deserve to remember.  Thank you for your strength to bring the teachings out.  Blessings to you Daniela."

Lisa, Michigan, USA

"It’s hard to put into words just what Daniela means to me, but the word saviour comes to mind. Through her program, she led me through the most transformative journey, that no one can put a price on.  I will be forever grateful to Daniela.”
Fairy Wisdom Gifts and Blessings

Natasha, South Carolina, USA

"Daniela, I could honesty talk to you for hours, you captivate me! You have such a knowledgeable base and fluid understanding of the Divine Feminine.   I can't thank you enough for your kind, thoughtful and genuine words and wisdom you shared with me today. I'm grateful to you for listening with an open heart and mind. I truly feel heard, understood and respected. I left our session feeling renewed energy and trusting of my journey. You are a true Goddess and I am so blessed to have met you and to be a part of this sacred program."
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